FinalSub Downloads

FinalSub 1.0.6 download (If you're running PowerPC Macs, this version is the only choice)

Q & A

  • Download the new verion of FinalSub

    Upgrade FinalSub is the most way to solve problems and bugs.

  • How to work with NTSC 29.97 or 59.94 frame rate sequences?

    Finalsub V1.2 automatically adjust the drop frames. Come to homepage to download the new version.

  • How to generate single timecode

    Press F6(MacBook for Fn+F6) to get the current playhead timecode. Works both on editor mode "Hand" and Edit"

  • Can't hit spacebar key to get timecode

    Make sure your editor mode is "Hand" on the top right corner of FinalSub window

  • Doesn't work on PowerMac

    Please download Version 1.0.6Version 1.0.7 is just for Intel Macs

  • FinalSub not responding 1

    If FinalSub is not responding when you Load FCP Sample Text, please check if Final Cut Pro is doing something, for instance, prompting to save project. After you save the project, FinalSub will keep going.

  • FinalSub not responding 2

    It takes long waiting when your project getting big and have many Sequences. Create a new Bin to hold those unneeded sequences may helps

  • Failed to Load FCP Sample Text

    1.Check if you placed the Sample Text on the top track and make sure there is no empty track above.

    2.Make sure the top track is for Sample Text only. No video clips or other media.

    3.Check your working sequence is in the root of Final Cut Pro browser, not in a Bin.

    4.Check your Final Cut Pro version. 6.0.6 or up will be better.

    5.Try to export a XML file from Final Cut Pro then import in FinalSub.

  • Why the subtitle preview is not the same with Final Cut Pro

    Subtitle preview in FinalSub is just for your reference. The final result is just as same as your SAMPLE TEXT from Final Cut.

  • Why I can't see my sequence when Loading FCP Sample Text

    By default, FinalSub loads sequences from one project only. If you have more than one projects, please close the unneeded projects first.

Video Tutorials

FinalSub Video Tutorial(For Final Cut Pro 4.5~7)

FinalSub Video Tutorial(For Final Cut Pro X

Other Downloads

FinalSub Help

Up Text 2 Plug-in

A great text generator plug-in for Final Cut Pro. Support outline and align left, right and middle.

Installation: Put the file to "Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Final Cut Pro System Support/Plugins/, then relaunch Final Cut Pro. Select "Spherico Text”——”Text Up 2” from the generator pulldown menu below the Viewer.


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