Add Subtitles
to your video and movie
for Mac/iPhone/iPad


About Subtitle Writer

   Add subtitles for your video.You can add one subtitle track or multiple subtitle tracks to the movie. Of course, you can easily add subtitles for your iPhone and iPad videos.

  • Video Format Supported

    • Mov, m4v, mp4, 3gp for Mac
    • Video with DRM copyright protected are not supported, for example iTunes M4V with DRM.
    • m4v, mp4 for iPhone and iPad
    • Quicktime Player X needed on Mac
    • SRT subtitle file needed
    • Subtitle track is 3gptext format
    • Closed Caption C608 or C708 not supported yet
  • Functions

    • Soft coded subtitle. No video quality loss.
    • Multiple subtitle tracks burn to video at one time.
    • Drag and Drop support.
    • Choose language locale for auto language detection on Mac or iOS device.
  • System requirement

    • Mac OS 10.9 or above
    • Quicktime Player X on Mac
    • iOS 6 or above on iPhone and iPad
  • Important notice

    • This Subtitle Writer Version 1.0 only support Quicktime Player X. Quicktime Player 7 is not supported to see the subtitle track.
    • If you want to add subtitle for iOS compatible video, make sure your video format is ready for iOS devices. If not, please use video converter to make it iOS compatible. Then add subtitles to the video.
    • On iOS device, please turn the Closed Captions on by Settings->General->Accessibility->Subtitles & Captioning ->Closed Captions+SDH.


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Report a bug or request a function

   Please post a bug or your request to us by sending email to

   Most problem comes from SRT file. Please check if your SRT is in a standard format.