How to work with NTSC or 23.97 frame rate sequences?

This problem is no longer exist from Version 1.2 on. Please download the update version./Aug 6, 2012.

When work with NTSC or something like 23.97, 29.97 frame rate format, VTR will drop frames automatically. But  Non-linear just works with integer frames. So, Final Cut Pro take Drop Frames as default when we work with VTR or output or export occasions.

Then the problem comes that when you send Finalsub result to Final Cut Pro, the subtitles won’t sync with video. That’s because the Drop Frame setting. So, please, when you work with NTSC or non integer frame rate sequences, follow the following 3 steps:

1. Before exporting a quicktime movie, choose Final Cut Pro menu “Sequence-Settings…”Sequence settings 2. Click on label “Timeline Options” and make sure the “Drop Frame” is not checkedsequence settings for drop frames

3. Before you output your sequence to VTR tape, please check the “Drop frames”.

Thanks to Mr. Su in Taibei to tell us this solution for drop frames.

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