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Subtitle Edit Pro 4.0 is available today and it fixed a big bug that mess up the subtitles. Please go update it as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. 10AM GMT+8 Sep 11, 2017

1. .sep project file can be open in TextEdit or other text apps. When anything weird happens, open the .sep project file in any textedit app, then copy all timecode and subtitles and paste them to a new .sep project. You won’t lose any of your work.
2. If Subtitle Edit Pro cannot open your SRT file, there might be some problems going with the SRT file itself. Please refer to the SRT part of this post: PremiereSRT Question and Answer.
3. Report bug:

4. Subtitle Edit Pro Short Cut List

  • Video Playback Control
    Tab—Play or Pause video
    Command+K—Play or Pause video
    Command+J—Step backward video for specific frames
    Command+L—Step forward video for specific frames
  • Textview
    Insert Timecode: F6(fn+F6 on laptop) or Command+,
    Insert Line Break: Command+enter(same shortcut in Waveform Textview editing)
    Split Subtitle: Option+enter(move the cursor to the text position where you want to split)
  • Delete timecode only: Command+delete(Select a group of timecode and text)
  • Timecode Manipulation
    Mouse click on timecode—Highlight and Select Timecode
    Left Arrow Key—Move timecode backward specific frames
    Right Arrow Key—Move timecode forward specific frames
    Up Arrow Key—Jump to previous timecode
    Down Arrow Key—Jump to next timecode
  • Waveform Mouse Operation
    Double click—Play video
    Single click—Pause video
    Double click on Subtitle Block—Edit Subtitle Text
    Scroll on Mac Magic Mouse or Trackpad— Move Waveform Forward or Backward
    Option+PC Mouse Left Key—Move Waveform Forward or Backward
  • Waveform Shortcut:
    Command+ +: zoom in waveform horizontally
    Command+ -: zoom out waveform horizontally
    Option+ +: zoom in waveform vertically
    Option+ -: zoom out waveform vertically


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21 Responses to Subtitle Edit Pro Question and Answer

  1. Joachim J. Theussl says:

    hi, normaly the text in the lower ist perfect, some time I need the text on another position. is this possible?

    thx, joe

  2. Markus Kajo says:


    I need to ask a few basic questions:

    1) Where can I find an explanation and tutorial on the Subtitle Edit Pro interface?

    2) What do the different coloured frames in the video window mean? The frame made of red dashes, then the green and yellow frames?

    3) Is it possible to change the text display as white or yellow text on a black background, the length black background not being defined by the length of the subtitle text, but reaching from the left side of the screen to the right side of the screen. That would mean much less stress for eyes when editing texts. (I do understand the colouring of the texts will not change the colour of texts in the “final product”, as the text is not burned on the file.)

    4) If I would want to control the appearance of the texts the end user will see, could I use something like your Subtitle Burner to take a file from Subtitle Edit Pro, and my video file, and then burn a video having exactly the visual kind of subtitles I want the end user to see?

    5) What do the different coloured frames in Subtitle Burner mean?

    6) I do create (scriptwrite and shoot) a lot of short and some longer videos, they will be mainly for Youtube. No commercial stuff, no subtitling movies. DO you recommend soft or burned subtitles?

    Thank you for a good software. I hope you’ll be able to give me advise and answers as soon as possible.



  3. Markus Kajo says:

    Hi –

    Please -

    Kindly DO NOT PUT MY NAME on your Q&A page.

    I have no wish whatsoever to appear there with my name.

    IF you cannot publish anonymous posts, then just do forget my post and delete it, please – or simply use “M” instead of my name.

    Thank you!



  4. Niels De Vos says:


    I have a question.
    Can subtitle pro export tiff’s out of the software?
    Is there a trial version we can download to see of the program for fulfill our needs?

    Kind regards

    Niels De Vos

  5. I wonder if you can customize the positioning of the subtitle? Occasionally I have the need to make a textline appear somewhere else on the screen, than below, in the middle. For example when a burned-in text appears in that place. Is this possible?

    I also would like to know if it is possible to chose the font and character effects, like contour, shadow etc.?

    Thanks in advance,
    Daniel Olsson

  6. Luigi says:

    I’m very interested in SE Pro,
    but before buying it, I would really like it to have this two new features:
    1. the possibility to position the text vertically;
    2. export the file not only as SRT file, but also as DVD Studio Pro STL file, so that information about text positioning will be preserved.
    Thanks you so much!


    • finalsub_admin says:

      Since Subtitle Edit Pro is just for SRT creating or editing, we don’t support font settings. You can adjust the positions or something else in it, but when you export a srt file, all formats just goes away since SRT itself doesn’t support formatting. So vertical text alignment won’t be supported in the near future. Once you get the SRT file, you can easily convert it to actually any format you need by some free app. SRT converter is one of my other paid app on Mac App Store doing that. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

  7. WASA says:

    When I export the srt file, i can´t see most of the symbols used in spanish language (ñ,ç,ò,ó…and so on), I guess your app works great for english but it won’t do the job for other languages. Is there any way to change it?

  8. Przemek says:

    In Polish I cannot type ł and Ł as both characters are typed by Command+L
    could you solve it?

  9. Evan Warner says:

    Hey There,

    Really love your app. The only thing I’m missing is converting between differnt framerates (particularly 23.976 and 25) and I’m wondering if this is possible for the future?

  10. Antoine says:

    First and foremost: I love your app! This is the first one that I find natural to use.
    Not sure where to post for feature request but regarding adjusting timecodes, this would be great if you could add the feature to shift all before/after/in range of given timecode(s)
    Sometimes unsync subtitles results from different cuts and thus you only need to shift times for a specific range.
    This would be truly great!

  11. Luigi says:

    I would like to know whether it is possible to obtain an evaulation/trial copy before I decide to purchase your application.
    Thanks in advance.


    Luigi Conversini

  12. Dawid says:


    I really like the app, do you plan on updating it and further development?


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