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1. .se project file can be open in TextEdit or other text apps. When anything weird happens, open the .se project file in any textedit app, then copy all timecode and subtitles and paste them to a new .se project. You won’t lose any of your work.
2. If SRT Edit Pro cannot open your SRT file, there might be some problems going with the SRT file itself. Please refer to the SRT part of this post: PremiereSRT Question and Answer.

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14 Responses to SRT Edit Pro Question and Answer

  1. Stephen says:

    Can I set the shortcuts to a different key combination? Like, split subtitles, jumping from one subtitle to the other. setting in and out points of the subtitle. Anyway? like an xml? I would like to use it as I like the text overlay on teh waveform itself feature.

    Hopeing to get a reply.


  2. Jeremy Pinnix says:

    Can SRT Edit Pro export just text without timecode?

  3. Keith Robertson says:

    SRT Edit Pro looks good on the Apple Store.

    Before I buy it can you let me know what video formats the programme will work with?


  4. Keith Robertson says:

    SRT Edit Pro…

    Hello, can you let me know what video formats SRT Edit Pro will open?

    Many thanks,


    • finalsub_admin says:

      mp4, mov, m4v without DRM, 3gp are supported. AVI and MKV are not supported. If you need additional mkv and avi playback, please go to Subtitle Edit Pro.

    • finalsub_admin says:

      MP4, Mov, M4V without DRM, 3GP. If you want MKV and AVI support, please go to Subtitle Edit Pro


    Hi, I just bought both, PremiereSRT and the SRT editor. When I import the .xml file generated in Premiere SRT, into Adobe Premiere 2017, it opens a folder with a series of titles, duplicated by the way, and I cannot use the information of the TimeCodes. They are not put in place. Do these programs work with Adobe Premiere 2017 at all?

  6. Marina says:

    Pls advise if str edit pro support russian subtitles?

  7. Viktor says:

    Is there a trial version of the program? If yes, where can I download it?

  8. Viktor says:

    In the App Store, there is no trial version. I found a trial version of Subtitle Edit Pro 3.4.1 Trial Version at, but I can not download it. Loading starts and then stops.

  9. Viktor says:

    Please delete this link, because when you start it displays a message that the version is obsolete.

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