How to add chapter markers to your videos

Add chapter markers for your videos. The chapters are compatible with Quicktime Player X and Quicktime Player 7. While most chapter apps only support mp4 files, Chapter Writer supports any kind of mov, m4v, mp4 and 3gp, no matter the video codec is.-Add new chapter track to the movie.
-If the movie has chapter track, then you can edit the chapters
-No video quality loss.
-The timecode and text are linked to movie playhead.
-Step Forward/Step Backward to locate the timecode
-You can input timecode manually
-Index the chapter timecode Automatically 

-You can download Subtitle Writer on Mac App Store to add SRT subtitles to movies
-You can Download SRT Extractor on Mac App Store to extract subtitles and closed captions from movies
-You can download SRT Edit Pro on Mac App Store to create or edit SRT files
-You can FinalSRT on Mac App Store to import SRT Subtitles to Final Cut Pro X or 7.
Feel free to report bugs or request a new function by email to

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