How to import SRT subtitle to Adobe Premiere as Essential Graphics Text style

.Pr Titles

Pr Titles is available on Mac App Store. Please click on the website to know more.

  • We can import SRT subtitle file to Adobe Premiere pro 2017/2018/2019/2020 as Open Captions:

  • But after imported, there are less setting for subtitles and it’s not easy to adjust them on timeline.

  • Instead, you can import SRT file as Essential Graphics Text to Premiere. Then you have much more precise control to your subtitle formatting. It makes your subtitle beautiful and professional.

  • Video Tutorial:


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excel2srt-How to convert Excel timecode and subtitle to SRT file easily

excel2srt is a very simple app to convert timecode and subtitles in Excel spreadsheet to SRT subtitle. Most common irregular timecode format can be auto corrected by excel2srt.

–Put your Start Timecode / End Timecode / Subtitle Text to 3 columns separately.
–Put the spreadsheet to the first sheet in Excel file.

If you have any question or bug report, please send email to, better have your excel file for bug fixing.


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How to join videos into one file and reduce video file size

  • Clip Merge Website

  • Sometimes you wanna share your videos to your family or friends. But the videos are in couple of files and they are big in file size. How to merge these videos to one file with much smaller file size? With Clipmerge, it’s easy.
    Just drag and drop your video files to Clipmerge, then set the order. If you wanna merge the videos without quality loss, please uncheck this button.Click on Merge button to continue. This popup panel is for further settings. You can change the bitrate here. Bigger number with higher video quality and bigger file size. Smaller number with lower video quality and smaller file size. That’s your choice. Or just leave it by default 3000. Mostly you can reduce 5 times of the file size without losing video quality.
    We suggest you to use videos with exactly same video format. But if you have videos in different format, different frame size or different frame rate, you can set a fixed frame size and frame rate here.
    Since all of my 4 videos are from the same Gopro camera, I just click on OK button to continue. Then input your file name and choose a folder, Save and wait. It’s a video compressing and merging process and It might take a very long waiting. Ok, it’s done, let me check the file size. Oh, it’s just 52MB, way smaller than these original videos. Let me play the video.
    Clipmerge is available on Mac App Store and we’re keeping updating it. Thank you.

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    Subtitle Edit Pro Question and Answer

    Subtitle Edit Pro Website

    Subtitle Edit Pro 4.0 is available today and it fixed a big bug that mess up the subtitles. Please go update it as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. 10AM GMT+8 Sep 11, 2017

    1. .sep project file can be open in TextEdit or other text apps. When anything weird happens, open the .sep project file in any textedit app, then copy all timecode and subtitles and paste them to a new .sep project. You won’t lose any of your work.
    2. If Subtitle Edit Pro cannot open your SRT file, there might be some problems going with the SRT file itself. Please refer to the SRT part of this post: PremiereSRT Question and Answer.
    3. Report bug:

    4. Subtitle Edit Pro Short Cut List

    • Video Playback Control
      Tab—Play or Pause video
      Command+K—Play or Pause video
      Command+J—Step backward video for specific frames
      Command+L—Step forward video for specific frames
    • Textview
      Insert Timecode: F6(fn+F6 on laptop) or Command+,
      Insert Line Break: Command+enter(same shortcut in Waveform Textview editing)
      Split Subtitle: Option+enter(move the cursor to the text position where you want to split)
    • Delete timecode only: Command+delete(Select a group of timecode and text)
    • Timecode Manipulation
      Mouse click on timecode—Highlight and Select Timecode
      Left Arrow Key—Move timecode backward specific frames
      Right Arrow Key—Move timecode forward specific frames
      Up Arrow Key—Jump to previous timecode
      Down Arrow Key—Jump to next timecode
    • Waveform Mouse Operation
      Double click—Play video
      Single click—Pause video
      Double click on Subtitle Block—Edit Subtitle Text
      Scroll on Mac Magic Mouse or Trackpad— Move Waveform Forward or Backward
      Option+PC Mouse Left Key—Move Waveform Forward or Backward
    • Waveform Shortcut:
      Command+ +: zoom in waveform horizontally
      Command+ -: zoom out waveform horizontally
      Option+ +: zoom in waveform vertically
      Option+ -: zoom out waveform vertically


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    SRT Edit Pro Question and Answer

    SRT Edit Pro Website
    1. .se project file can be open in TextEdit or other text apps. When anything weird happens, open the .se project file in any textedit app, then copy all timecode and subtitles and paste them to a new .se project. You won’t lose any of your work.
    2. If SRT Edit Pro cannot open your SRT file, there might be some problems going with the SRT file itself. Please refer to the SRT part of this post: PremiereSRT Question and Answer.

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    PremiereSRT Question and Answer

    Go to PremiereSRT homepage.

    Important notice: Don’t upgrade your Pr 2017.
    Pr 2017 newest version changed a lot about Title, it makes PremiereSRT not working. We are trying to fix this but it seems Adobe got its own problem. When you export a prtl file from new version Pr, then you import it back in Pr, Pr just keeps crashing. I think it may take some time for Adobe to fix this. I will adapt to the new version as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience Caused.

    Most problem might be solved by following these instructions. If problem is still there, please email to and attach your original xml, SRT and prtl Title file, note the version of Finalsrt and FCPX as well.

    1. Only Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 and up is supported. Check your Pr version.

    2. If there is warning message importing subtitled xml to Pr, please try to import the original xml to Pr to check if this original xml is ok. If it’s not ok with original xml, then the subtitled xml won’t work either.

    3. Cannot see subtitles in Pr? Try to zoom out the timeline to fit the screen. This is because the SRT subtitles may not start from 0, it starts like 01:00:00.00 or even more. You can adjust the timecode to start from 0.

    4. SRT file error: Check if your SRT file is in standard format, sometimes enduser doesn’t get a SRT, though its name is in .srt extension. Standard format should be exactly like the following. Note, the last 3-digit is millisecond, not Frames.

    00:00:00,160 –> 00:00:01,410
    You’ve been placed on hold.

    00:00:01,560 –> 00:00:02,220
    Please wait.

    5. SRT file encoding error: If the srt is not acceptable, please try to open srt file in your editor and save it to a new .srt file with UTF-8 encoding.

    6. Cannot align center: Please drag on the canvas to make a subtitle input box, NOT just click once to input.

    7. Error message about prtl Title–We found that you SRT subtitles has 2-line subtitle, but your prtl title template has only 0-line. Please make sure there is only one title box in prtl file. Here is a sample title for your reference.

    8. Align to bottom and Arabic Right to left aligning: Make sure check the box Align to bottom or Right-To-Left  on PremiereSRT interface.

    9. SRT italic: Many users want PremeireSRT to mirror those Italic symbol in SRT file to Premiere. It’s so complicated since descriptions in PRTL has too many different rules to apply to even just one font. Some font has Italic, some doesn’t. The font has a different name when you apply Italic. So we cannot do this properly. 

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    Subtitle Edit on Mac-Create,edit,sync,timing your subtitles by waveform dragging

    Subtitle Edit Pro Website

    Subtitle Edit Pro is a powerful app to create and edit your subtitles and timecode. We focused on how to make it intuitive and easy to use. Mostly, you just need to drag on the waveform to make timecode, adjust timecode and input text. We also offer a text editor to edit subtitles, manipulate timecode. Merge or split subtitle is never been this easy. Please watch the video tutorial before you buy it:
    —Waveform Operations: Double click to play, one click to stop. Dragging to make timecode. Drag the edge to adjust timecode. Double click on subtitle to edit text.
    —Text View Operations:  It’s a standard Plain Text Editor. Click timecode to jump. Use arrow key on keyboard to shift timecode forward or backward.
    —Warning Triangle: Too many letters per line OR Too many letters per second.
    —Delete timecode to merge subtitles and hit return key to split up a subtitle to two subtitles.
    —Command+JKL to step forward/backward specific frames.
    —Option+JKL to fast forward/backward.
    —MP4, MOV, M4V without DRM, 3GP and most audio format supported.
    —Subtitle overlay to the movie for reference.
    —Support multiple line subtitles.—Basic formatting supported: Italic, Bold, Underline and Font Colour.
    —Set starting timecode.
    —Adjust timecode to any HHMMSSFF.
    —All drag and drop supported.
    —Convert corrupted timecode format
    —Bilingual Subtitle Support:
    —Merge subtitle text
    —Split subtitle text
    —Replace subtitle text and reserve the timecode
    —Export bilingual text files without timecode
    —Export bilingual SRT file with Timecode

    Video Tutorial:


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    Burn subtitles to your video on Mac

    Subtitle Burner Website

    There are two kinds of video subtitles. One is soft subtitles, the other is hard subtitles.
    Soft subtitles is like a subtitle track attached to video, which can be shown and switched on/off in some modern media player, but not all of them. The formatting of subtitles overlay to video, like font, size are decided by the player. There is no video quality loss adding subtitles, but somehow it’s not safe or compatible with media players.;

    Hard subtitles is burned to video permanently and cannot be switch on/off. It’s safe for any media player and you decide how the subtitles looks like exactly, for example, the position, size, font, color, background etc. But there is slightly quality loss adding subtitles to video permanently.

    Subtitle Burner is a tool to burn hard subtitles to your videos on Mac.

    –Only Mov, MP4, M4V videos are supported so far. DRM M4V is not supported.
    –SRT subtitle file supported only. You can download SRT Converter to convert subtitle to SRT format.
    –Visually drag subtitle box to do positioning.
    –Font, size, color, position, outline, background box settings.
    –Support all languages of subtitles on Mac.

    Should you have any question, please feel free to contact us by
    –If you want soft subtitles, please download Subtitle Writer.
    –If you want to import subtitles to Final Cut Pro, please download Final SRT.
    –If you want to import subtitles to Adobe Premiere Pro CC, please download Premiere SRT.
    –If you want to batch upload videos to YouTube, please download Batch Uploader for YouTube.
    –If you want to extract soft subtitles from video, please download SRT Extractor.

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    Convert subtitle formats-itt supported now

    SRT Converter Website

    There are so many subtitle formats around the world. Even if just one format, there are standard and non-standard subtitle formats. How to convert all kinds of subtitle formats to other subtitle formats? How to make non-standard format standard? With SRT Converter, it’s super easy to da that. You don’t even need to know what format your subtitle file is. Just drop your subtitle file to SRT Converter and choose your target format and it’s done. It’s a super powerful Subtitle Conversion Hub.

    We support the following subtitle formats now. We are going to support as many formats as possible. When you find your format is not supported, or the subtitle file is not working in SRT Converter, please send email to We’ll fix it as soon as possible.

    —SRT, Subrip
    –itt, iTunes Timed Text, Final Cut Pro 10.4.1 import or export itt file
    —STL, Spruce Subtitle File
    —SUB, Subviewer 1.0 & 2.0
    —SSA, Sub Station Alpha
    —ASS, Advanced Sub Station Alpha
    —SCC, Scenarist closed captions
    —SMI, SAMI and SAMI Modern
    —TXT, Adobe Encore
    —SBV, YouTube SBV
    —TXT, YouTube Transcription
    —XML, YouTube Annotations
    —SUB, DVD Subtitles
    —VTT, WebVTT
    —TXT, Quicktime Text
    –MPL, Mplayer2

    Things are really complicated when they comes to subtitle formats. We spend a lot of time to fix thousands of format problem, but still, there will be a lot of them which we never been to. So, please send email to before you leave a negative review. Thank you so much.


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    Import SRT subtitles into Adobe Premiere CC on Mac

    Premieresrt Website

    Premiere SRT is for those people who want to import SRT subtitles into Adobe Premiere CC. Premiere SRT uses xml file to work with Premiere CC on Mac.

    It’s simple to use but really powerful. It supports almost every kind of text encoded SRT file. Just drop your SRT file, Premiere XML and a Title file to Premiere SRT, then export a xml with all titles for Premiere CC.

    After SRT subtitles been imported to Premiere CC, you can edit them in Premiere.

    System Requirements:
    –Premiere CC 2014, version 8.1 or up.
    –Mac OS 10.8 or above

    –If you want to edit or create SRT files, please download SRT Edit Pro on Mac App Store.
    –If you want to convert different subtitle formats to SRT, please download SRT Converter on Mac App Store.
    –If you want to embed SRT subtitles to mov, mp4, m4v or 3gp videos, please download Subtitle Writer.
    –If you want to make chapters of mov, mp4, m4v or 3gp videos, please download Chapter Writer
    –If you want to import SRT subtitles to Final Cut Pro, please download FinalSRT on Mac App Store.


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