Import SRT Subtitles to Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017/up

Pr Titles  is for those people who want to import SRT subtitles to Adobe Premiere Pro CC. (Please go to the bottom for video tutorial / 文章底部有视频教程)

From Premiere Pro CC 2017 on, Adobe discontinued PRTL title export and introduced a new Title tool called Essential Graphic Title. Pr Title is by far the first app which support Premiere Essential Graphic Title via xml file.

It’s super easy to use and super intuitive. Just drag and drop your xml file with Title template and your SRT subtitle file to the app and export a new XML file. Please be reminded that you should have a SRT subtitle file in advance and make sure the file is in standard and no error or confusing timecode in it.

After SRT subtitles been imported to Premiere, you can edit them freely.

Important Notice 1: Pr Titles only support from Premiere Pro CC 2017 up. If your Premiere version is below Premiere Pro CC 2017, please download PremiereSRT on App Store.

Important Notice 2: This app is NOT Adobe Premiere Pro itself. It’s just a subtitle tool for Premiere.

Important Notice 3: You can email your Premiere XML file with a title template and your SRT file to to check if it works before you buy this app.


—All macOS languages are supported
—Most text encoding of SRT file are supported
—Error or confusing timecode checking
—Drag and drop support

System Requirements:
—Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 or up.
—macOS 10.10 or above

—If you want to want to export all subtitles on Premiere Pro timeline to a SRT file. Please go to XML2SRT on Mac App Store.
—If you don’t have a SRT subtitles, you can download Subtitle Edit Pro or SRT Edit Pro from App Store.
—If you want to import SRT subtitles to Final Cut Pro X, please download FinalSRT from App Store.


Pr Titles一个把SRT字幕文件里面的字幕和时间码导入到Adobe Premiere Pro的工具。

从Premiere Pro CC 2017起,Adobe停止了PRTL类型的旧字幕工具,并推出了新的甚于Essential Graphic的字幕工具。我们的app是目前为止第一个通过XML文件支持Essential Graphic字幕软件。



重要提示1:Pr Titles仅支持Premiere Pro CC 2017或以上版本。如果您的Pr版本低于2017,请前往App Store下载PremiereSRT来导入SRT字幕到Premiere.

重要提示2:这个App不是Adobe Premiere本身,只是一个为Premiere导入字幕的工具。

重要提示3:您可以在购买app之前将您的Premiere XML文件(时间线须有一个字幕模板)、和您的SRT文件发邮件到,以便核实是否可行。


—Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 或更高版本
—macOS 10.10 或更高

—如果您想要反过来把Premiere时间线的字幕导出为SRT文件,前前往App Store下载XML2SRT
—如果您没有SRT字幕文件,您可以前往App Store下载Subtitle Edit Pro 或 SRT Edit Pro 或其他字幕创建和编辑软件
—如果您想将SRT字幕导入到Final Cut Pro X,请前往App Store下载FinalSRT

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